What type of saw do you need – Purchasing Guide

If you’re a keen builder, or planning on getting started with wood work you will without a doubt need a saw. But the question is which type of saw is the right one for you? Well, there are actually many different options, all suited to slightly different tasks. We will try to clear up which type of saw is right for you in this article.


Coping Saw


The Coping saw is mostly used for work that requires a very high level of precision. It consists of a frame/handle and a thin blade secured between the frame (known as the bow saw style). Although the coping saw is quite small in size, it can be a great saw to do delicate tasks with. One common use of the coping saw is for things like adding fine details to woodwork or furniture. Unlike the hacksaw, the coping saw has teeth that face towards the handle. This is the ideal tool for anyone wanting to do woodwork that values precision over all.



 The Hacksaw

The hack saw is similar to the coping saw in design, although it’s used for different tasks. It is a bow style saw, which means it has a blade with teeth on it running between either end of the frame in which it is secured. Hack saws are fantastic and versatile, they provide high precision yet are still very strong. The main use of the hack saw is to saw through metal, like aluminum, steel, etc.



Hand Saw

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The most common saw that everyone knows about is the Hand saw. Most people, even those who aren’t interested in wood work will have a hand saw somewhere in their house. They are truly fantastic tool, that will last for years if you choose a good quality model. The best hand saws are made with high quality metal, and the teeth will remain sharp enough to saw through wood with ease for a long time.