best drill press for metal work – up close look & buying guide

As you should know if you’ve been working with metal for a while now, there are tasks that are tiring and harder than necessary if you don’t have the proper equipment at hand. For the best results you need to use a tool that is specifically suited to whichever material you’re working with and whatever project you’re building. So if you’re working with metal, and you’re looking for a drill press then you need to choose one built specifically for working with metal.… Read full article

How to Disaster Proof Your Home

When you turn on the news,there is always the news that an earthquake, a storm or a tornado hit some area in the world. Having lived in Manila where there are both earthquakes and storms, I have learned to TRY to disaster-proof my home. I have to explain however that to completely disaster-proof one’s home is impossible but there are safety measures and home “arrangements” which can lessen the impact of disasters when it happens to strike.… Read full article

Top things to consider before buying an Angle grinder for your work shop


You should think about the type of metal/material you plan to use your grinder on. Some metal may not require a high RPM, while others you will need 9000RPM+ to make a good job of it. The more demanding the tasks, the more you will need a high quality angle grinder that can reach these extremely high speeds. Another consideration that goes hand in hand with speed is horsepower.… Read full article

Mini Drill Press – Purchasing information for DIY enthusiasts

Drill Presses are great tools, and you can use them with just about any object, whether wooden or metal. However, sometimes if you’re working with delicate small items you need a special type of drill press to get the job done. This is often the case when working with tiny objects making arts and crafts. If you need to work with smaller objects then what you need is known as a small drill press.… Read full article